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Synagen IQ: Read *SHOCKING* Review First!! :- If you have a dull mind, you cannot decide whether you are at work or at home. I myself have gone through those struggling days where my forgetfulness was quite severe. But now, I have the utmost healthy brain that is active and sharp. What if I would […]

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OnBrain Clarity :- Dealing with the poor cognitive health makes the life of an individual more difficult to live. Forgetting the car keys, important dates, or leaving your wallet somewhere becomes a part of your daily life. In fact, sometimes you are not able to recall the name of an individual, address, or even the […]

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Cogniflex :- “With great powers come great responsibilities”, is indeed very true. At the age of 55, I was promoted as the CEO of the company, wherein I rendered 22 years of my service. This was the most enjoyable part of my life. But, soon, with the growing age, the symptoms of memory loss started […]

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XLR8 Plus :- Whether you are at work or at school, your brain’s working is all what your routine depends on. Forgetting your important assignment and fearing the scolding of your teacher, or performing lazily at work and listening to your boss lecture you is more or less the same situation. Getting distracted while concentrating […]

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BrainSense :- In today’s age and time, it is imperative that one does not get left behind in any aspect of life. And, in order to achieve that kind of optimal functioning of the brain, it’s inevitable that one should one feed one’s brain and the body with outstanding nutrients, in order to enable it […]


Intellux :- Our brain is one of the most, or rather, the important organ of the most body. It’s importance for the proper functioning of the human body cannot even be described, because, it is the brain which sustains the entire body. Our brain works 24 hours without taking rest even for a second. Even […]

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Neuro Elite :- Have you ever misplaced your keys or wallet? Do you find hard to read a book without getting distracted? Do you normally forget the name of your friends? Yes? One last question. Does this happen more and more each day? Well, it happens because you are slowly losing your brain power. As […]