Gadget SX 300 : Your Extra Eye On Road As You Drive

Gadget SX 300 : Your Extra Eye On Road As You Drive

Victim of an accident or a road rage? Ever saw your car with a dent while standing at a parking lot? Don’t you want to find out the culprit of all these incidents? If yes, then it is a great time to invest in Gadget SX 300. They are able to meet all your needs that arise while driving a car.

Confused about which model to buy? Don’t worry you have come to to the right place.  In this product review, you will be able to find the best suited camera for you. Read it and know about the product’s specifications, features and advantages of the product.

Introducing Gadget SX 300
This is the convenient and affordable way of carrying a proof of your innocence. Not only that, it also captures all the unforgettable memories of your road trip, and helps you in reliving that moment again. It automatically records the high definition videos, which gives the clearer picture of every incident.

Gadget SX 300 Specifications

  • G-sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • Loop Recording
  • Auto-record
  • HD resolution
  • Works in fog and rains
  • Night vision LED’s

How does Gadget SX 300  work?

 Dash cams are gaining popularity as it captures the live videos while the car is in motion and without any distortion, the video gets recorded. Also, it assigns proof of any car incident that are more authentic than an eyewitness. The footage in your dash cam can also help the police or other law authorities to track down the real victim. Not only this, if someone damages your car while standing in the parking, the buffered parking mode will activate automatically and starts the recording.

 Highlighted features of Gadget SX 300

  •  Automatic On and off: While turning on the car ignition, the dash camera will start automatically, and when the car engine is stopped, the camera will stop working.
  • Loop Recording: The dash camera will work even after the memory card is full. This feature enables to overwrite the memory card.
  • Expandable memory: The memory can be expanded up to 128 GB.
  • Video Resolution: The dash cam provides a 4K resolution with a massive 3840×2160  pixels, and allows you to see the minute details
  • GPS: It allows you to record your actual position and speed.

 Advantages of Gadget SX 300

There are number of benefits of using a dash camera. Below is the list of few advantages that a dash-cam owner can enjoy:

  • Affordable
  • Easy way to capture an incident
  • Works as an evidence
  • Captures the unexpected occurrences
  • Videos recorded are transferable
  • Useful for concerned parents to keep an eye on their children
  • Captures your road trip memories

Tips to remember

  •  The product is available on the official website
  • Do not accept the package, if security seal is missing

 Where to buy Gadget SX 300?

 For protecting the authenticity of the product, it is only available on the official website. Visit the official website and fill one simple registration form. For confirming your booking pay the shipping charges. Once the formalities are done, one of the team members will call you for discussing delivery date and time. Your product will get delivered to you within a promised time.

Contact Details

For any other detail related to the product, feel free to contact the customer care team via phone call or email.

Call: 787-0909-0909

E-mail: [email protected]

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